creative translation through photography and traditional graphic design. seeking to capture and create a vision, a brand and an image; yours and his. b.leideritz.


capturing, developing and creatively translating your brand, your business and your image. translated through traditional graphic design principals and a photographic art practice that originated on film and transitioned through to digital commercial portrait photography.

the art of photoshop and value of post production

a photo is just a photo, a camera is just a camera and a photographer is just some one who clicks the button, right? a photographer is never just a person that clicks the shutter.

they are many and varied, they bring their own style, their own skill set, their own equipment and their own specialist areas. there are media photographers, sports photographers, fashion photographers, domestic portrait photographers, commercial photographers, photographic artists and everything in between, with skills that cross over to other specialist areas.

with varying specialist equipment, skills and experience they will all charge you, the client, at very different rates to reflect their unique skills. their rate is set to cover all the years of experience, skill and a style they have taken time to develop. their rate is set to cover set up time, the cost of their equipment, and of course the insurances! not to mention the time spent in post production; all the moments you don’t see, the hours spent adjusting and selecting and editing the beautiful images presented to you.

the moment a photographer shows up to click is only a very small part of their story and everything they bring to the table to create that final image.

b. is a commercial editorial photographer. like most photographers his skills port over to other photographic applications, but his best work is within a commercial context. the photography community here is rich with amazing skilled photographers, if you are in need of a domestic photographer or any other specialist photographer we can connect you to some amazing local and national photographers.

domestic photography captures beautiful moments of your life; your wedding, your new baby, a birthday party, or just your family captured in a moment of time, moments. for you and your family to cherish and keep. memories and moments; personal treasures. domestic photographers are amazing people with an eye for capturing special moments, they work from anything to film and digital with available light to a full light set up in a studio.

traditionally, domestic photographers apply minimal post production to the images; wanting to capture your story as best as it is presented.

commercial photographers traditionally create a story, they construct a reality around a narrative. commercial images help promote an event, a performer, a product, a style or even a skill set.

commercial photographers often create images to a client advertorial brief or editorial need. commercial photographers generally apply high end post production editing to an image. this is where a large part of the magic happens with these images. just as much time and skill is required in post production as the shoot itself.

there is no lie in photoshop because there is no truth in a photograph.

the use of photoshop can be a contentious issue, but it is a vital part of the art of commercial photography. the old masters spent hours in a dark room editing and altering the final image to help it tell the story is was created to tell.

high end post production techniques strip away noise and distractions to tell a story. it is about created realities. this type of photography has always been about that. about positioning a product or a story in a particular way. it is marketing: visual communication and creative translation. photoshop offers the digital equivalent of dark room techniques used by the old print masters.

there are varying degrees of editing, from global adjustments such as basic colour correction and removing minor skin blemishes to a full high end beauty edit or a composite image.

this kind of digital altering is completed by the photographer or an independent digital artist and often charged at an hourly rate, the skill and time and perfectionism they put into creating your beautiful final image is often misunderstood and undervalued. there is magic, art and power between where an image begins and where it ends. each digital artists or photographer brings their own style to this stage of creating an image.

b. has a very distinct look to his photography and the post production style of his images. clients are paying for his unique creative translation; for his style and his meticulous post production skills.

creative translation. b.