creative translation through photography and traditional graphic design. seeking to capture and create a vision, a brand and an image; yours and his. b.leideritz.


capturing, developing and creatively translating your brand, your business and your image. translated through traditional graphic design principals and a photographic art practice that originated on film and transitioned through to digital commercial portrait photography.

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Panel four/five - The seen - Work in progress element

The one and only IggyB @iggy.blackthorne who will be turning his back on jesus and moving towards grace 😉

Undertaken as part of Semester one, Photo one, Master of Photography at @rmitphoto  with Pia Johnson @piajohnsonphotography as supervisor and Torika Bolatagici @torika_b as lecturer.

This homage will be printed for assessment by David Hobbs at Master of Prints @master.of.prints  on stock from Daniela Barth of Spicers Paper AU

#b #bleideritz #bchallenged #doweforgivethosewhotrespassagainstus RMIT Photography #RMITphoto
Panel three - The seen - Work in progress element

For those who have been playing along at home, moonlight was as close to a black goat as I could find ... and as goats and suburban photo studios don't really go together, to photoshop I went ... needless to say, editing out grass behind the fur of moonlight was a rather tedious process ... one i get to repeat again with a lamb and a pale horse ...

Undertaken as part of Semester one, Photo one, Master of Photography at @rmitphoto with @piajohnsonphotography as supervisor and @torika_b as lecturer.

Thanks to Kym and the team at Freedom Hill Sanctuary @freedomhillsanctuary for allowing us to feature moonlight in this series.

This homage will be printed for assessment by David Hobbs at @master.of.prints  on stock from Daniela Barth of Spicers Paper AU @spicerspaper

#b #bleideritz #bchallenged #doweforgivethosewhotrespassagainstus RMIT Photography #RMITphoto
Loving the alien

This is a portrait of my love @angeliquejoy.creative taken on the day of their 40th in one of the many skins they exist within ... I love them

#b #angeliquejoy #slienfreaklove
Title: Presented without comment

This is from a shoot with Bella Dejac when Angelique and I were last over in Melb. The shoot functioned as a collaboration of performer and photographer as well as a lighting test old school hotel room style in prep for my #RMIT work this semester.

Some of the other shots will likely make their way to #thehardline

#b #bleideritz #byou #bseen #bcreative #genderisaconstruct
Printing tests and the hunt for the white unicorn ...

So another day spent with David Hobbs of Master of Prints profiling and testing stocks supplied by Daniela Barth has resulted in more experiments going full circle.

As per the we had been profiling and testing high white stocks in an effort to find an alternative to the warmth of photo rags I have always printed on ... And.this far, as much as the new options handled the highlight range pretty well, the blacks didn't have the inky depth I've grown to love in the blacks ... And given this semester's work is so heavily reliant on the blacks ... It's back to the beginning for me .. for now 😉

In saying that, the process learning has been invaluable and lead to another set of print experiments that add an addition level of wtf to the black and whites ... Which now need to be tested on smooth versus textured stocks 😉

Some people think that the print part of the process is just a printing exercise or worse get a button pushing one .. but for me, who has gone through the graphic design journey of press checks and fine level tweaks on a working press in collaboration with the printer doing the printing, being able to make minute adjustments with David to get something unique out at the pointy end is priceless 

Oh and he was happy for me to make up my own test.file because the photodisc test print makes my eyes bleed lol

Thanks again to David and Daniela for being on this bizarre RMIT experimental journey ...

Until next time the hunt continues ...

#b #brentleideritz #bchallenged #RMIT @rmitphoto #masterpfprints #spicerspaper
As a fine-art photographer, and as someone who has been a graphic designer for longer, one of the most important things that I have learnt is is that the collaborative working relationship with the printer is paramount. I am trusting the printer to work on the final print output of any project and knowing that they care ad understand what I am after matters. Printing is a cost, both in time and resources, and there is nothing more frustrating as a creative than working with production houses/businesses that put processes before people. Ive ran into it a few times, and the moment I do, I go elsewhere with my work, or I stop printing until I can.

In the case of fine-art printing, it is even more important to work with the 'individual' cares about the relationship between art and output for without it, the fine tuning and experimenting with the minute details just isn't possible. 

In Angelique's and my case we are lucky to know and collaborate with a Master Printer, David Hobbs. He runs his own studio called Master of Prints in Adelaide, and as much as I have known and worked with David while he was working at other print production businesses around Adelaide since I crossed paths with him back in the 90s, I am glad he is out being himself in his own space now. Service and care is important to an artist, and that it is part of his business model makes ALL the difference.

As part of my #RMIT journey, its really fucking helpful to have someone local to try my crazy ideas with matte stocks, and the ends of the dynamic range with before sending them over the border. Sure I could send my files to Les or Andrey Walking and get them to print them based on what I send, but where's the experimental in-person fun of that 😉

Id also like to send a shoutout to Daniela Barth of Spicers Paper for the ongoing help with me trying to find my unicorn matte stock ... I think I am almost there with the stock David profiled for me today

#b #bchallenged #bleideritz #fuckwarmwhites 
#davidhobbs #masterofprints @rmitphoto

hey all, just letting people know im taking bookings for the next three months now ... mainly focusing on and b.creative packages however if something specific is needed for promotion/fashion/corporate the b.customised option is always on the table.

As I am still doing graphic design/web work and now also studying at RMIT (remotely) I need as much time as possible if you are interested to schedule everything in so feel free to reach out if my style fits your needs. 🙂

Photo of Peta Grace shot earlier th
is year at @cogcreativespace 
#b #byou #bcreative #bleideritz b.leideritz
ADELAIDE/MELB people ...

who is out there with a shaved head at the moment (under #2 length) ... leave a comment if you fit the description

MELB people, I have one, maybe two booking spot left for next week, if you are in the market for my sty;e of shoot, drop me a DM

photo of Adam Malone for attention 🙂

#b #byou #bcreative
For those of you who have been following for a while, from before the covidshitshow times, you will remember this project I have started, many a moon ago ...

I'm now at the point of the second phase of the shoot, where I need to focus the narrative with subjects that include the following:

- couple and groups (romantic, platonic or aesthetic)
- non-binary, trans and gender diverse peoples
- queer (in all its meanings)
- freaks (subcultures that push against the normative society in which we live)
- adult industry types (who are comfortable exploring the harder end of the project)

if you are interested, have a look over at for what has been taken so far (i have more still to edit) and drop me a line

at this point i have shot a fair bit of the softer end of the project (art nudes, fashion nudes etc) however if you don't fit into the above peoples let me know you are out there anyhow, as there are other projects on the horizon.

#b #bchallenged #thehardline
an outtake from shooting Pip Serpentina for #thehardline series when in melb in May.

title: Active evil is better than passive good (William Blake)
photography/post: Brent Leideritz
model/makeup: Pip Serpentina

#b #bleideritz #bchallenged

ps will be heading back mid-late june if anyone is in the market for promotional or photos for fun DM me for rates etc.
title: can't sleep, the clown will eat me aka a clown tribute to bob

another of themme fatale shot during a shoot for #thehardline and inspired by the joy that is twin peaks

photography/post: Brent Leideritz
model/makeup: @themme_fatale
location: little bourke street, melbourne

#b #bcreative #themmefatale #melbournefuntimes #thisisnotadelaide
... and it's nice to be shooting art projects again ...

this was shot at the end of a #thehardline shoot last week in melbourne, making use of the balcony overlooking parts of chinatown and the irrepressible nature of the clowness that is themme fatale.

photography/post: Brent Leideritz
model/makeup: themme fatale
location: little bourke street, melbourne

#b #bcreative #themmefatale #melbournefuntimes #thisisnotadelaide
a collection of photographs by brent leideritz taken in the 90s/00s at the big day out in adelaide, south australia.

210mm minimum width (a4) open edition prints available - dm if you are interested

#b #bdo #bigdayout #bstill b
dave navarro (jane's addiction) circa 2003

this was shot using my trusty old minolta x700 with kodak gold max film from the pit ... and then converted to black and white for today

#davenavarro #janesaddiction #bigdayout #b #bstill
the white stripes circa 2006

this is another from the Adelaide 2006 BDO, shot with the 20d at around 170mm.

#thewhitestripes #jackwhite #megwhite #bigdayout #bdo #b #BStill
a collection of photographs by brent leideritz taken in the 90s/00s at the big day out in adelaide, south australia.

open edition prints, limited editions prints and a collectors book will be available in the future, if you are interested and would like to be updated when they are, please leave a message here.

#b #bcollected #bdob&w
trent reznor (nin) circa 2000

this was shot using my trusty old minolta x700 with fuji hg1600 film from the pit ... and then converted to black and white for today (as im doing this series of prints in black and white when i get to the print offerings)

(thanks to David Hobbs for his scanning help ... if anyone has an epson v750/800/850 laying about they wish to donate to my scanning cause feel free to DM lol .. i have a LOT of negs to digitise so having one home is key i think ;))

#nin #trentreznor #bigdayout #b #bstill
keith flint (the prodigy) circa 2002

this was shot using my trusty old minolta x700 on ilford xp2 from the pit (as was the way in bdo days) (leaving the sprockets in this one because whoever i got to develop these back in the day cut the top off this shot ... and i liked the effect)

#theprodigy #keithflint #bigdayout #b #bstill
a redux edit of Kasia Stelmach from a shoot in sydney back in 2011 shot in a hotel hallway ... it helped to know the management at the time, and be able to get the OK to shoot where we did 🙂

#b #bcreative #bleideritz
bjork circa 2008

one from the 2008 adelaide BDO shot from somewhere in the front rows ... this was around the time it got harder to get cameras in and anywhere near the stage ... well other than the years where film needed to be handed off to friends once finished so that if stopped the shots made it through even if whatever was in the camera at the time didnt, thankfully i never lost any, but some friends did ... they were different times then lol

shot on the canon 20d at around 170mm

#bjork #bigdayout #bdo #b #bstill
shirley manson (garbage) circa 2002

shot on the x700 using agfa vista 800 and converted to black and white for this series ... i managed to get to the front row for this performance, so have a great selection of shirley and the band doing what they do ... more to come from this set

Shirley Manson #garbage #BDO #b #bstill
b. circa 2022 v2

while the lights were set up, it was time to get a shot of more of the twin peaks tattoo by @nickas_serpentarius  ... there is still some red to go, so i made the whole image red in the meantime 😉

lighting/post/beard/hair: Brent Leideritz
photography: @angeliquejoy.creative

#b #bleideritz #theredroom #theblacklodge #twinpeaks #beardthenipple
and while i was scanning ... could i get any more cliche i wonder 😉 (i can, i just didnt get to them today 🙂

here is a photo of me circa 1997 ... shot i think by Lisa Tuddenham on one of the photo adventures with Krusty Williams and Samantha Fagan exploring the barossa ... this portrait was done at st john's cemetery in kapunda

these were the x700 and kodak t400 days

#b #notnormalother #freak #90gothgrungesomething
another photo from a while ago with Em and Alex throwing styling, shapes and attitude all over the place ...

models: Emily Fogg & Alex De Porteous
photo/post: Brent Leideritz
location: cog studio space

#b #bleideritz #brentleideritz #byou #bcreative
of times gone past

this shot was taken in, i think '96, when i was at tafe, by a photographer doing the commercial photography course at time i was doing the adv/graphic design one at croydon tafe. i can't for the life of me remember the name of said photographer, i should have written it down somewhere 😉

everything has changed since then, but nothing has changed at the same time ... as is the nature of time.

#b #90sgoth #morebleachlessgrey #morehairlessbeard #thetophatwasonthetableforthisphoto #freakthenfreaknow
#covidshitshowupdate start

yes - i am SO fucking grateful angelique and i are in this together, i expect if not for them, i would have matched my hermit level to the length of my beard by now. currently, i still have some energy left for connnecting to things outside of our home, though it is reducing daily at this point.
yes - i am still doing branding/graphic/web design, email or message if you wish to talk re this skillset.
yes - i am still taking creative commercial photoshoot bookings for those who need promotional, portrait or other content created in the style that i create, as with design, reach out of you wish to talk.
yes - i am still planning to get back to personal art works and projects when time and life permits, there is a backlog of edits, design and projects that need to be put back on the priority list as soon as i can, for my own sanity if nothing else. projects still in some level of incomplete are #thehardline and #notnormalother.
yes - some of my prints/merch/art are for sale, if there is something you like, reach out and i can quote it for you as with design and photography above.
yes - noncompliant is still 'paused' with me as the bottleneck, i need to get my head back into doing design for joy, rather than cashflow.
yes - as a self employed creative, times like this where everything is unknown for most of my work and creative target audiences, i can relate to others who are also taking everything moment by moment.
yes - i/we have a new hobby since we cannot travel, weird and poisonous (for us or the cats) plants ... it is something to do away from screens with aj. feel free to contact us if you have any strange and odd plants you think we may like, or if you have said plants as cuttings 
yes - the lnp government has fucked us all with its constant and expected inability to do anything but wait for the rapture. unless you were already wealthy based on the hard work of others, in which case you are fine im sure
yes - client's keep reminding me when public holidays are, as every day is a monday when i wake up in the morning
 ... i have included a photo of a spray because #interiordesign
another of the photos from the thankyou shoot for those who put their hands up for Angelique Joy's art series recently undertaken ... this one is of Alex De Porteous 🙂

photography/post: Brent Leideritz
model/hair/makeup/outfit: Alex De Porteous
location: Cog Creative Space

#b #bleideritz #brentleideritz #byou
post 3

... on occasion i end up shooting family portraits, ill be releasing a few of this bunch over the next while, just because its a nice contrast to how others usually shoot families 🙂

(this set was shot as a thankyou to Peta Grace, Dyana Bouwmeester-Jones, Elektra Bouwmeester-Jones and Fantazia Jones for helping out Angelique Joy for a recent artistic series)

#b #bleideritz #byou #idontshootmundanefamilyportraits
post 2

... on occasion i end up shooting family portraits, ill be releasing a few of this bunch over the next while, just because its a nice contrast to how others usually shoot families 😉

(this set was shot as a thankyou to Peta Grace, Dyana Bouwmeester-Jones, Elektra Bouwmeester-Jones and Fantazia Jones for helping out Angelique Joy for a recent artistic series)

#b #bleideritz #byou #idontshootmundanefamilyportraits