What determines when an image of the human form is considered art, nude, erotic or pornographic? Is a ‘pornographic’ classification determined by the naked body alone? Or, by intent of the image maker? Or, does personal bias dictate where you place the line between art nude and porn? In what circumstances does that bias get to decide where the line is for all? We have all been exposed to differing circumstances, experiences and influences during our personal development, thus colouring our perception of where lines may or should exist. #thehardline is a photographic series that presents a range of images, placing the human form within various circumstances; some with sexual intent, some without, some clothed, some naked, some clothed with sexual intent and some naked but void of sexual intent. This work is intended to trigger discourse on the subject of nudity, pornography, intent and consent. Does nudity automatically equal pornography? Or, does intent and action have to be considered when classifying the image? If something that is considered ‘pornography’ is created and shared among consent adults why is it so heavily controlled and censored?