Who are you?


What is
your story?

your intent?

What is your
authentic voice?

your truth within the story you are sharing?

Are you expressing that truth through your brand narrative, your campaign narrative, or your creative content?

Narrative Alchemy is research & intuition-led story telling for purpose-led brands.

We work with businesses & fellow creatives to create narrative connection; through design & photographic content.

Narrative Alchemy is a methodology for discovering & uncovering your authentic voice & helping you express it in a meaningful & engaging way.

We are inspired by market disruption & going against the flow; by zagging while the rest are zigging. We are driven by a desire for authenticity in a landscape full of constructed identities; we want to know your ‘why’ and your ‘who’, but not who is your consumer, who are you? Really? We believe that expressing your internal truth will attract an organic, sustainable community.

Our methodology asks you to get quiet and go inwards; to go in and really question your actions and motivations. We help you to distil and focus your voice and brand actions. We challenge you and the status quo along with all those sacred cows, sometimes, this can be confronting, but the outcomes are always deeply meaningful and engaging.

We have worked with …

We create …

  • Brand strategies: narratives & design.
  • Creative content: photographic.

We always …

  • Begin with the narrative alchemy distillation process.
  • Rely on connection & intuition as much as we rely on research & data.
  • Work with purpose-led brands & creatives.
  • Mix bold creativity with consistent narratives.
  • Protect brand consistency & visual concepts.
  • Challenge & question everything; especially things that are ‘just how it is done’ or ‘this is how the rest of the industry does it’

We love …

  • Beautiful, edgy, audacious photography & clean, bold design.
  • Feeling like we have helped you, in some way, to share your story.
  • Visual narratives: through design or concept photography.
  • Design & narrative consistency.
  • Working with fellow creatives & purpose-led brands, that in a small or large way, are trying to make a difference.
  • Stepping outside of comfort zones.
  • Unconventional ways of being & creating.

We hate …

  • Brand inconsistency or dilution.
  • Elements in visual content that do not serve the overarching narrative.
  • Being compared to WIX or Squarespace.
  • Comic Sans & Papyrus fonts!
  • “That is just how it has always been done”!
  • ‘On trend’ & ‘fashion forward’
  • Microsoft Word & Publisher!
  • Conservative, evil, corporate, lizard overlords!
  • “Send me the raw files & the design files & we can just do it ourselves”.

We co-create …

  • With musicians: branding, album artwork, digital content, music release artwork.
  • With visual artists: branding, business & marketing strategy, digital content for self promotion & product release.
  • With bespoke makers: branding, business & marketing strategy, digital content for self promotion & product release.
  • With alt fashion designers: branding, collection launches, strategy & digital content.
  • With performance artists: branding, business & marketing strategy, digital content for self promotion & new show release.
  • With stage & theatre productions: digital & print content for promotion & new show release – images & video.
  • With campaigns for positive social change: digital & print content – images & video.
  • With small-medium businesses: branding, business & marketing strategy, digital content for self promotion & product release.

We are a-type creatives with working experience in traditional design, consumer research & business development: this is our alchemy piece.

This experience intersects with our visual arts training & ongoing photographic arts practice: this is our narrative piece.

Narrative Alchemy
Methodology created by Angelique & Brent

The Narrative Alchemy Methodology …

  • We start with discovery & distillation. Discovery through intuition, collaboration, research & market information to distil & uncover your base elements. Including your: Origin Story; Values; Elements; Narrative Landscape; & Narrative.
  • The elements are then charted, that chart is used to inform our conceptual development.
  • Concepts are presented for feedback & further collaboration.
  • Then the design & narrative creation process unfolds …

Branding & business development from $10k+gst

Narrative Alchemy for freelance creatives & business

Our process will produce …

  • A deeper understanding & expression of your brand & your business
  • A full design package

Including …

  • Logo/trademark development & design
  • Business collateral, including letterhead & word templates
  • Marketing collateral including print & online
  • A comprehensive business narrative guide that includes the charts created through the narrative alchemy process.
  • A comprehensive style guide that has been informed by the narrative alchemy process.
  • Overarching marketing strategy to roll out & communicate the newly developed branding
  • Social media templates

Also can include …

  • Package & product design
  • Website design & implementation
  • Brochure level site
  • Includes 5 pages
  • Includes content

Photographic content from $8k+gst

Narrative Alchemy for marketing content, new product/campaign release

Our process will produce …

  • A photographic concept that draws on your brand narrative elements
  • A full photographic content package

Including …

  • Art direction & concept development for the images
  • Shoot production
  • Costume & set styling
  • Photography
  • All post production

Also can include …

  • Overarching marketing strategy to roll out & communicate the newly created content, including socials
  • Marketing/collateral design

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