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Timelapse & commercial photographer

Chris came to us seeking a brand narrative and online presence that aligned with his commercial practice and spoke to his professional client base. We worked with Chris to uncover his legacy of story telling and technical mastery, using elements from his past and from his present, drawing on abstracted bold elements and his inclination for beautiful narratives.

"The process that Brent and AJ led me through delivered some practical introspection that brought about a valuable reckoning of who I am and what I offer, which is a fancy way of saying they put my head through a wringer and straightened me out. I have every confidence now that my new branding and the effectiveness of my web site will begin to attract or at least impress the right kind of client. In fact, even before it went live, existing clients I invited to taste the site were impressed with how good I made them look. For the first time, I actually like what I’m projecting through my online presence."