b.creative – salon special will tell your story and create a visual translation of your salon’s best work; your most avant-garde and creative styles – vibrant colours and cutting edge hair.

during the half day session we create images to capture your audience, create additional social media engagement for your salon and in turn, potentially, increase your client base. images from the shoot provide a tool for your salon to submit to print and online publications and industry competitions.

how it works

we set a time for a meeting to discuss concepts for your shoot and expected outcomes. this is a great opportunity to share photographic styles you are drawn to and collaborate on the concept and/or overarching story you would like to tell with your final images. during this meeting we will set a date for the shoot.

from this point you and your staff will plan your styles. your salon may enlist the help of your preferred make up artists and models for the shoot. it can also be a great idea to use willing clients to be involved as models, as it creates an opportunity to leverage that connection and use the process for additional social media engagement.

b. will come at your chosen time, usually a day you know is quiet at your salon or a day you are usually closed, set up the studio lights in preparation for the shoot. as b.creative – salon special is a half day shoot. having your first hair style almost completed by the shoot start time will make the most of the time allocated for shooting.

in-between hairstyle shooting b. will photograph the promotional headshots for you and your staff (two included).

once each of the hairstyles have been shot b. will also photograph a hero image set with all of the models to showcase your work. the shoot will come to a close.

within two weeks of the shoot you will receive a set of low resolution previews for selection, not to be shared or used on social media. once selected b. will edit the chosen images.


b.creative – salon special is charged at $999 payable on the day of the shoot plus $499 non-refundable booking deposit

what your salon receives …

  • concept and style advice and guidance from b. who has worked with some amazing stylists, make up artists and hair stylists.
  • a half day studio shoot with b. to showcase your work and your salon.
  • level one post production on one selected head shot for each of your staff (three included).
  • level one post production on a single image from each of the hairstyles (three included).
  • level two post production on a single hero image (one included).
  • images provided with watermark of b. logo and the logo of your salon for social media use.
  • images provided with one year of commercial usage rights for your salon to use in publications or marketing.
  • opportunity for cross-promotion within b. networks.
  • bonus: small selection of black and white behind the scenes images from the shoot day for use on social media will also be supplied.
  • option: the ability to purchase additional images, additional post production levels and/or additional commercial useage rights.


b. is an award winning adelaide based photographer that has worked with makeup artists and hairstylists to capture some of their best work and elevate that work to for submission into state and national competitions.

if you would like to discuss this invitation further feel free to email him at b@leideritz.com. looking forward to collaborating with you and your salon.