Emily Davis - You, Me & the Velvet Sea

Concept development
Art direction
Set design & styling
Costume design & styling
Photography & post production
Album artwork design

Singer, song writer & musician: Album launch

While Narrative Alchemy was not yet ‘Narrative Alchemy’ & our process was still very raw & coming together, Emily went on a journey with us to create the artwork for her album launch. We have been so grateful for the trust Emily put in us to meet her vision & create a set of images for her album launch that we all adore.

Distilling key elements from the album lyrics & collaborating with Emily on how she envisioned the artwork would feel, we created two contrasting narratives that worked in conversation within the album cover.  The images have a direct & beautiful link to the music within the album & take you on a journey from one narrative to the other & back again.

“I had a vision for the feel of the image I wanted but no words articulate it. Brent and Angelique listened, researched, intuitively followed their creative instincts and created a concept that blew my mind. They integrated styling, post production, and the story behind my music to create something completely stunning, and better than anything I could have dreamt up! They really have a knack for bringing all of the elements of the story to the image that make it deep, highly communicative and artistically stunning.”