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Sein: Branding and business launch

While going through a professional phase shift, the owner of Sein, Leo Gaggl, originally came to us to help create a more resolved brand for a passion project of his; distilling abundant fruit crops into traditional Austrian schnaps. What kept repeating for Leo when going through the narrative alchemy method was a common link in each of his separate business areas and how important it was to him to create some alignment between his personal and professional work interests.

The challenge for us, was to create a resolved brand narrative that bought together four separate business functions, business functions that had as much connecting them as separating them. We created four separate brands that are connected by a foundation brand, each brand can function on it’s own and as a part of the whole. Creating Sein has been a really fun challenge with lots more to go, we have been really proud of the outcomes and what is to come next for Sein!

The word Sein is connected to Leo’s Austrian heritage meaning ‘To be …’

“My personal interests and values now in alignment with my work direction. I found the Narrative Alchemy process very productive. At times challenging (in the best sense of the word), it also produced an outcome that I did not foresee. I can only recommed this as time well spent! Thank you for assisting me 'distilling' down the questions to get me to look the right way. Also - thanks to AJ & Brent for going beyond the call of duty”