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Whimsical Portrait Photographers: New business launch

A new business, Cyan worked through the Narrative Alchemy method to create their overarching brand narrative from it’s beginning. The method helped Cyan to get really clear about their focus, their style & which style elements were really important to mix through their overarching brand positioning.

While brand new & still unsure of it’s viability, the Narrative Alchemy method & it’s outcomes are giving this new business the best chance for success with a fun & whimsical brand for Cyan. Each brand element, from the fun social media quotes to the flat-lay images of sweet play were co-created using the Narrative Alchemy method.


“We had a general idea of what we wanted Cyan to be & how we wanted it to feel, this process really helped us get clear & focused with how that would look in a design sense & really enriched our images & brand narrative”